My favourite painting there

Earlier tonight, B-cat and I took three buses downtown to catch Picasso: The Artist and His Muses at the Vancouver Art Gallery. B-cat was in pain and on crutches, some idiots stepped on my ankle and bumped my head, the #19 reeked of vinegar, and still I would say the correct response to hearing about a “medical emergency” (Vancouverites know what that means) at the skytrain stations is not “I feel so sorry for you and anyone who couldn’t take the skytrain”, but rather “I feel so sorry for anyone related to the person who’s now a ‘medical emergency’ on the tracks”.


Well then.

My favourite piece there

Pablo Picasso apparently had a lot of [(increasingly) younger] women over his 92 years, and the 60+ pieces at the VAG cover the six women who most inspired him. One of the first things you see in the exhibit is a life-sized photo of Picasso’s first, a ballerina with the Ballet Russes:

Fernande Olivier

And the last thing you see is a room of works by women, alongside a scholarly yet clear explanation that Picasso’s “muses” were subjected to the male gaze and that, while it’s important to understand a master artist’s work, it’s also important to understand he worked in a time when (among other issues) no one would’ve considered any woman an artistic genius. Feminism isn’t that difficult.

Tomorrow (Oct. 2) is the last day of the Picasso exhibit. The gallery will be open ’til 9 pm.

Yes, the title is a pun.


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