This past weekend B-cat took me to the live broadcast of the Bolshoi‘s production of Don Quixote, even though he should’ve been studying for his finals. He’s been invited to work full-time as a junior physicist this summer, so hopefully I haven’t destroyed his career prospects…

Alexei Fadeyechev’s staging of Petipa’s classic isn’t the most visually exciting, but the Russian dancers’ solid technique almost make up for that — some say DQ is a ballet for virtuosos anyway. Ekaterina Krysanova definitely grew on me over the course of three hours even if she might not have the right energy for Kitri, unlike the principals of the warmer, more human National Ballet of Cuba or Royal Ballet. Perhaps it’s how she and Semyon Chudin seem genuinely like a young couple in love (which they might very well be… I don’t care enough about ballet couples to look it up).

That’s why I’m surprised our ballet classmate, M, feels Chudin and Krysanova’s lack of chemistry is the weakest part of the production. Then again, she prizes technique (which the Russians definitely have) over artistry and believes Krysanova is versatile enough for any role.

Apple blossoms in B-cat’s yard

The next live broadcast will be Giselle with the Royal Ballet this weekend.

Also, it looks like I’m going to Prague with my mother. This is rather last minute, like the only two trips I’ve taken as an adult with her, but I should be able to catch at least one opera there.

EDIT: We’re leaving at the end of the month. I’ve booked tickets to two operas!


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