Homemade cake and cookies, courtesy of Room

B-cat and I attended Room Magazine‘s issue launch/(belated) International Women’s Day event this past weekend.

My experience with Room, a Canadian women’s literary magazine, had been limited to entering and losing their fiction contest one year — and receiving a subscription with my entry, yay? — but the readings sounded like fun.

Plus, I’d always wanted to visit the historic Joy Kogawa House. It’s not as pretty as Emily Carr House, but the building is a reminder of the bit of Canadian history everyone’s comfortable forgetting: the internment of Japanese Canadians (and confiscation of their personal property) in WWII.

They’re looking for volunteers, by the way

Roxanne Charles‘s artist talk about reviving without appropriating indigenous techniques and ideas was the highlight of the afternoon for us, though Cynthia Flood’s excerpt from her story was the one B-cat and I argued over for the next two days.

And then, and then…

The next day, I received an acceptance letter from Green Hills Literary Lantern. I saw the email soon after it arrived and started working on the suggested revisions then. B-cat took me to Benkei for a celebratory dinner of curry ramen before I returned to edit some more.

I’ve been bursting with both positive and negative feelings since (they’re not obeying the laws of physics, sadly), but it is such an honour to be included in a prestigious journal, alongside those who care about Literature with a capital L.

Cherry blossoms (and my backpack) out in Vancouver

This is going to keep me from blowing my brains out until July at least!


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