B-cat by S’s tree — with ballet ornaments

Seeing as Royal City Youth Ballet‘s ticket price has overtaken that of the professional companies, B-cat and I are only attending two productions of Nutcracker this year: Royal Ballet‘s live broadcast last weekend and Ballet BC’s production next week. (This year’s guest dancers are from Alberta Ballet.)

B-cat and me; the glittery nutcracker I made out of scraps

We saw the first with S, who feels Royal Ballet’s costumes are “too drab” with the exception of the screaming pink harem pants she hates. I like the costumes precisely because they look like real clothing (again excluding those pants), but hey, she has much higher standards than I do about everything ballet.

Enough nitpicking: Royal Ballet’s backdrops are lavish in intricate details but muted in colour, with warm gold tones reminiscent of old books. And you can’t go wrong with Tchaikovsky. For next year, though, maybe they should leave out the grotesque Fu Manchu makeup and moustaches for the roles of Chinese tea.

I’m the one in white. Flabby holidays!

The three of us also attended the last ballet class of the year at Scotiabank Dance Centre. There was even a pianist/melodica player who played us holiday songs and a photographer to capture our holiday weight.

Merry statutory Christmas, everyone!


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