B-cat and I helped hand out care packages at a local mission yesterday. More or less.

B-cat belongs to a local Rotary club, which seemed to have been more common either back when I was a kid or in the countries I heard most about back then, and a fellow member organised this event. Rotary itself, like us, is non-religious.

At least one other member announced “publicly” on Facebook that she’d be there with her husband, mother, neighbour, dog, whomever else, but the group that actually showed up in the correct dimension of this physical world was tiny. It also found that there were already more volunteers than the needy needed.

Still, all of us managed to make ourselves useful, except the man who acted as if he were the leader/organiser, asked the lady in charge of the mission a series of “I’m so sensitive and inquisitive” questions, and spent the rest of the afternoon chatting with a pal.

The lady in charge told us about the history of the place, including how some land developers (?) were okay with their maintaining a church but not a mission at their previous location. I thought a mission in the religious sense was an establishment or trip-with-purpose abroad — as in a [insert Christian sect] mission in [foreign country], for example — and the dictionary suggests something similar. So a Christian “mission” in Metro Vancouver sounds nonsensical… or is, at best, sloppy word use.

Anyway, the mission is run by individuals who have probably experienced poverty and homelessness themselves and are no doubt capable and efficient. When a woman came in barefoot and bloody, they called the police right away and had the teen volunteers disinfect the entire foyer.

As a side note, when the paramedics arrived, the aforementioned pseudo leader wanted a club photo op outside the building, but the other members backed out (not literally). There is hope for humanity.


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